Rewilding Retreats for Women

Gathering in the wilderness, we spiral into an opening in our own consciousness. conditioned beliefs and inherited structures fall away and we become more settled in ourselves, more comfortable in our own skin. We are allowed to be.

Shed our masks, our false identities. I want to be in the company of women who want to be their true selves, who are incapable of pretending or conforming any more. I want to gather and sing and make crafts and drink wine and let our wild selves play.

Our retreats attract women who shoulder huge responsibilities, women who value their contribution, women who sing no matter what they sound like. Women who want to read what is written on their soul.

Singing in the kitchen with Jenn, unafraid of letting it all hang out as we prep the food, singing so silly whatever in english and french, I forgot everything.

We gather so that we may usher each other over and through the thresholds of our passages – births, deaths, near deaths and close calls. Love made and un-made. We find our threads of commonality binding us without too many words. We find the uniqueness in our stories and stand stronger for our braveries.

but it’s really not serious. It’s fun. It’s not work. It’s play. I used to think that work was of way more value than play. I know now that what our world needs is way more play. This space cannot be created and controlled. The space spirals out from the intention, the dream, the spirit of the dream– that we can come together for a few days and fully experience a letting go, a rejuvenation and a revelation of what gives meaning to our lives and how we want to be with ourselves and each other.

The 3Dimensional world is seductive. It’s rewards can be so tempting. It promises so much for our egos and our personalities. and beyond that, it Needs us! As smart, caring, strong, wise women, we are drawn to want to make difference in what seems like a suffering world. If we are brave enough to carve space in our busy lives in order to give ourselves some soul juice

Some retreats are packed with activity, information, learning, networking, doing or hard core meditating. Some are like bootcamp type experiences or deprivation journeys. This is all wonderful. Wild her ness is not this. We are providing some quality yoga classes and spiritual experiences but with time to chill, integrate and connect. Our retreat gatherings attract amazing women who benefit from each other’s presence as much as anything else. We like to gather magical, powerful and curious women together, sit back and allow the alchemy of connection do it’s own work.

This place. Relationship to place. Place in our bones, meeting a new place for the first time, saying hello to a place you havent connected to in a long time


We can be in a place, yet never ground into it or see it clearly

see our kids clearly, for who they really are. we can’t see clearly, we are un- conscious. It is like we are inside our own hall of mirrors and we can’t see clearly because all we perceive is our own projections – and we think it is the other persWhen we look into the wilderness, we begin to see clearly. Feel clearly, sense more clearly. To open up our senses and really see how we play a part in everything. how we are noticed and what we bring. Ashley taught us about how to tune each sense into the wilderness and notice what we are bringing to it

medicine walk awareness, coming into presence, allowing your true self to relax into it’s fullness, surrendering all the layers and masks and identities that have served to protect us but that also prevent us our full flourishing

wilderness brings us into presence. it is the most powerful gateway it is a gateway, just as our own bodies are a gateway, our inner wilderness our inner wildness, the part of ourselves that hums with aliveness and awareness and is connected to wilderness, it is not separate from us, the buzzing in our aliveness is the same buzzing in the creek and the chipmunks and the wild flowers it is connected. When we are in wilderness, we are home again to all life













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